About us

ORCHID TRADING SERVICES Ltd. Co. is a member of Si-Comel Malaysia, one of the prestigious companies in the world which designs and produces playground for children. With experienced design teams and employees, we commit ourselves to always bring the best and the safest playground to Vietnamese children.

Our goals

  • Actualizing customer’s desire.
  • Developing skills by playing outdoor games.
  • Nature friendly.
  • Safe and durable products.
  • Professional service.

Business fields

  1. Provide cleaning equipment, cleaning tools and chemical cleaners, KARCHER industrial maintenance
  2. Design, install indoor and outdoor playground products for children. Products are designed and produced by Si-Comel, Malaysia. Product installation and customer services in Vietnam is performed by ORCHID TRADING SERVICES Ltd. Co.
  3. Maintain and upgrade old and damaged playground products. ORCHID TRADING SERVICES Ltd. Co. is proud of the best company in Vietnam’s market which brings the best customer services and equipment maintenance.
  4. Supply and install safe rubber floor in playground for children, specialized rubber floor in gymnasium, safe, non-slip and noise resistant walking path and corridor in hospitals, kindergartens, schools or resorts.
  5. Provide products for landscape design: outdoor furniture, big size plant pot, decorative sculpture and painting.